Iam very honoured to have been invited by a well know Japanese surgeon, author of over 60 books and specialist in the subject of DNA healing, to be part of his London seminar which will be beamed live back to Japan where we will be discussing the afterlife and DNA healing.

This science-based cutting-edge holistic modality is a profound innovation in healing. It works with the energy of DNA molecules, the deepest levels of the human systems and the life-force that enlivens a person physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. DNA energy impacts the sub-conscious mind to create belief systems which ultimately lead to certain patterns of thinking and behaviour. Life experiences can be powerful enough to alter the functioning of DNA energy. The altered flow or function of the energy can cause beliefs that will be either beneficial or harmful. Interrupted, damaged, and malfunctioning DNA energy manifests in symptoms which reduce quality of life and cause enormous challenges… but it can be repaired!

DNA Energy Therapy is a systematic technique that isolates negative beliefs, limiting thought patterns, and self-defeating behaviours which stem in the subconscious from the malfunctioning energetic process in the DNA energy. The energy of DNA is accessed to heal, clear, and stimulate it’s healthy and optimal functioning. This therapeutic system addresses the core issue that leads to unhealthy patterns of beliefs, emotions, thoughts or behaviours, then works to create new, life-supporting, empowering beliefs to repattern subconscious thoughts and belief systems and generate new patterns of health and wellness.

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