Paul’s Biography


As a young child at home we were plagued by strange unexplained disturbances around the home, from the usual creaky doors and flickering lights to ghostly strangers that would appear in the bedroom. Yes, there were times when it was very scary but I don’t recall ever feeling really threatened by all the strange activity.

I guess due to my Great Grandmother being a known medium herself during the second world war meant that it was always destined that I too would work as a spirit medium. However, over my years I have had a great many other work related experiences in my life that I feel compliment my present day work.


I have travelled round many parts of the world, from North and South America, where I learnt to speak Spanish, Europe and New Zealand where I lived for a while as well as France. It was in New Zealand, in my early 20’s that my mediumship really came to life. I met many shamanic healers and holistic practitioners whilst there, who helped me to understand me.


I have trained and worked in tv production as well as various roles within the film industry. I have also been involved in the theatre as an assistant director and stage hand on various productions.

At one time, I ran a video film company with a friend where we filmed various sporting events and high profile social functions. I was one of the few people to be able to freely film senior members of our own Royal family including the Queen herself.

I have also worked for a music producer. I lived in as part of his family so I would regularly come into contact with many musicians, artists, celebrities, royalty as well as meeting a few diplomats, overseas royalty and those who work in the secret service.


I have experienced incredible wealth (not mine I would add) but from my various employments and associations. From sitting in a hotel in St. Moritz surrounded by more money than you could imagine to meeting one of the oldest street gangs in Jamaica, men with scars and bullets wounds all over their bodies. I have visited shanty towns in South America and seen for myself how fortunate we are here in the west. However diverse my life has been over my years, I truly believe that it has put me in a better place and has genuinely helped me understand the true meaning of life itself from all angles.


I love gardening and believe we share a special relationship with plants. I have trained as a horticulturist and have won awards for plant design.

I’m a great lover of all animals and have had dogs all my life. I’m also an accomplished horse rider and trainer and have been riding since the age of 10. Although sadly I’ve not ridden for a few years due to a very bad riding accident where it was thought I was paralysed from the neck down. Fortunately I wasn’t but it did leave me in chronic pain for a great many years. However through the application of positive thought and transformation as well as the practice of meditation and yoga of which I do regularly, I feel healthier and fitter now than I did in my younger years.

Despite being blessed with a more youthful look at 55 years of age and being involved with spirit throughout my life and  professionally over the last 20 years with a solid background I now dedicate my journey to aiding the healing and transformation of those who come to see me.

Hope my story inspires you! Paul x