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Our Purpose?
To learn to integrate our full spiritual potential and start living our life to a greater understanding bringing about balance to chaos.

All courses are held at Paul’s Psychic in Portsmouth unless otherwise stated. Each course has availability of up to 12 people. Paul also offers private tuition which is available in person or online. All courses are either 8/10/12 weeks in duration with 3 terms per year. How long you stay on the journey is your decision to make. For some a term is enough for others its a year, for those more dedicated to their journey it can be several years. There is no end diploma as there is no end to learning and discovery no matter what age or experience.

“My philosophy is simple. Training the student to have the power to change what is around them so that they can live in a better world, one in which they are driving thus helping to deliver the best for others as they use they knowledge to help and guide those around them and who they meet”

Living With

Beginners / Intermediate

Living And Working
With Spirit

Invite Only

Private Tuition

open to all

Living With Sensitivity – open to all

Beginners & Intermediate 12 week course, Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm

This Tuesday 12 week course is ideal for those just starting out on a path of psychic understanding or for those who have already started their path. This class is designed to build confidence and growth to give those attending a balanced understanding of all forms of psychic, mediumistic and spiritual fulfilment. This class is ongoing and from here the attendee can progress towards the more advanced structure of the Thursday class which covers spirit communication in more depth.

The aim is to cover: 

  • The personal & spiritual growth of the attendee
  • The art of spirit communication and the practice of developing these links
  • Understanding the encyclopedia of the psychic world 
  • How to be the medium of our own life and learn how to shape and create opportunities.
  • Plus much much more.

Terms start January, April and September.

deposit for 12 week course


full payment 12 week course


Living & Working With Spirit – Invite Only

Advanced Level 12 week course, Thursday’s 7:30-9:00pm

This class on a Thursday evening is ideal for those who have already undergone some form of psychic and spiritual development and now want to progress to develop deeper links and understanding of the nature of spirit and spirit communication. This courses requires a genuine open mind and dedication.

The aim is to cover: 

  • Developing mediumship and a deep understand of communication with spirit
  • Understanding the language of spirit
  • ​A deep understanding of both personal and spiritual growth within those taking part
  • Spirit attachment – hauntings – understanding the paranormal – soul rescue work
  • Healing – of the soul – of the emotions – of the physical – of the land – of the building
  • Plus much more


full payment 12 week course


deposit for 12 week course


private tuition/coaching

Available in person or via Zoom or Skype

Private tuition is also available whether in person at my own centre in Portsmouth or quite effectively via Skype video.

  • £40 –   per hour – private consultation in person or via Skype
  • £210 – for 6 block lessons – in person or via Skype.
  • payment is required before commencement of first session. 
  • Once dates are agreed, any missed appointments by myself will be honoured. If however you need to alter an appointment time/date or miss an appointment during our sessions it will be at my discretion as to whether I allow an appointment to go over into another time period or whether I deem it as chargeable. This will be influenced by  my current schedule.     

1 single lesson


6 private lesson


Learn to love the sound of your own footsteps walking away from the things that are not meant for you.



Please use the form below to contact me regarding my development courses. All the information you should need is contained on this page. Due to my busy schedule it may take up to 24 hours to return your enquiry so please be patient.

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