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Paul Cissell Psychic Medium & intuitive COACH

There are some souls born to bridge the gap between this world and the next and Paul is one of those souls. A genuine spirit medium with a gift for afterlife communication“.

Psychic, The encyclopaedia of the psychic world – meaning there are many avenues to my gift using extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses. 

Medium, A person who acts as a channel of communication between the earth world and a world of spirits providing the ability of evidential spirit communication .

Intuitive life Coach,  Coaching others into alignment, fulfilment, connection & meaning to their personal, work and business lives.


I do not give readings via social media, nor do I solicit readings via social media or email. If this happens to you, from someone claiming to be me, please kindly draw my attention to this.

Thank you 


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Paul Cissell


Psychic, Spiritual and Mediumship Development Courses

Are you ready to start a new journey?

Take part in one of Paul’s renowned courses. Learn and grow whilst studying a range of Psychic, Spiritual and Mediumship Development Studies.

These course are available at Paul’s studio in Portsmouth or online with Paul.


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no matter what happens in our lives, never give up, sure life can be difficult, chaotic, and stressful, and because of that that we may feel like giving up but remember the tiny repeated steps will get us where we hope to be.
Adopt the right rescue dog for you and your family

After rescuing a young dog found on the streets in a town in Bulgaria, Paul now supports Precious Pups Provadia, a Registered Foundation who dedicate themselves to the rehoming of unwanted street dogs and puppies.


Paranormal Investigations

Paul Cissell Psychic Medium

Over the course of his career, Paul has worked alongside well-known Mediums, historians and parapsychologists from the paranormal world. 

Investigating haunted locations around the UK and overseas, both privately or in a more public domain.

Watch Paul’s own investigations alongside celebrated paranormal investigator, Tony Ferguson, Ghost Whisperer.

Attend events with paul

Learn, grow and experience with Paul at a range of different events throughout the year.